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We're Over The Moon Excited!🌙

Introducing our new website! We are so excited to start this journey with everyone, and excited to show you all the amazing products we have in store! Not only is spooky season around the corner *Hint: Spooky Sale*, but Black Friday and Christmas, Hannukah etc. are quickly arriving as well! These will be featuring their own special sales as we come upon the Holidays!

This section is where you will find updates on our shop, up and coming sales, new products, and new fabrics!

Our model's have worked really hard to test these products for you to make sure they're top notch, so make sure to use their model codes which are shown in our "Models" highlight on our Instagram! Our Winter Model Search will be held on January 3rd 2021, so make sure to keep a look out for that as well!

We are so happy that you stumbled upon our website and can't wait to share our products, news, and sales with you! Thanks for reading! Can you believe it's almost November?

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